I spent the last two years living, working, and meditating at the Center for Mindful Learning's Monastic Academy. I loved my time at CML and the Monastic Academy: I deepened my meditation practice, learned a diverse array of skills, and had the opportunity to bring the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to many people, in many ways.

However, when I started dating my partner in early 2016, that was a major change for me, and, over time, our relationship became more and more serious. We decided to move in together, a process that took several months of preparation to do smoothly, and finally completed at the beginning of April 2017. I now live in Jeffersonville, Vermont, about 50 minutes away from the Monastic Academy's new location in Lowell, VT. Moving forward, I'll be in a fallow period, to absorb what I've learned in the past two years at CML and see how that shakes out in the next steps.

  • - I started a blog, which will be about diverse topics, including meditation, ethics, technology, philosophy, etc.
  • - I recently did a short weekend retreat with Tucker Peck, and am planning to do a week-long retreat with Shinzen Young at the Monastic Academy's new location in September. I am also teaching meditation, in two venues: a group class at a local yoga studio, and one-on-one over phone and video chat. These have been wonderful opportunities to share what I learned at the Monastic Academy with others.
  • - I started programming again in Clojure and ClojureScript - this has been a fun and engaging challenge. A lot has happened in the Clojure ecosystem since I was last programming in Clojure, in late 2014! I used what I've learned so far to make an interactive essay about the Major System, a tool for memorizing numbers.
  • - I am doing some freelancing work for a start-up that is developing a meditation app. I am also working to learn more about business, because I am considering becoming self-employed. Please review my services page, and contact me if you think we might be able to work together!
  • - I am spending a lot of time reading. I tend to read books about meditation and spirituality, polyamory and human relationships, business, technology, and other books that support me in my various projects. You can track what I am currently reading and what I've read so far this year.

I last updated this page on July 11th, 2017.