I currently live in Jeffersonville, Vermont, with my partner, S.

  • - I am working for Brightmind, a start-up that has created a meditation app based on the teachings of Shinzen Young. I do a lot of things for them, including write blog posts. If you have an iPhone, give the app a try!
  • - I recently took an incredible online course, Building a Second Brain, run by Tiago Forte. It's about how to take and store notes in such a way that they fuel creative output.
  • - I launched a new website, Hostwriting, detailing my offerings related to writing and editing. I'd love to work with you, so feel free to reach out if this is of interest.
  • - I've been doing some writing of my own, including this blog post about the Three Threats (major existential threats to the human race and all living beings on Earth).
  • - I am teaching meditation at a local yoga studio, and one-on-one over phone and video chat. I also recently started teaching mindfulness at a local elementary school. These have been wonderful opportunities to share what I learned at the Monastic Academy with others.
  • - I'm still enjoying learning more about programming in Clojure and ClojureScript. My main project right now is creating a way to play "Codenames," à la, but written in Clojure and ClojureScript. It's been a great way to learn how to create a user interface.

I last updated this page on December 9nd, 2017.