I currently live in Jeffersonville, Vermont, with my partner.

  • - I recently splurged on an Audible membership + new Kindle, and have been reading quite a bit. See what I'm currently reading and what I've recently read.
  • - I've made a Slack community for the Mind Body Attention website. The community is vibrant, and has an interesting mix of people from very different backgrounds! I'm enjoing being on there. Let me know if you're interested in joining.
  • - I launched a new website, Hostwriting, so I can help others with writing and editing. Check out the website and subscribe to the email newsletter to get ~6 lessons about what Hostwriting is and how to do it.
  • - I am working for Brightmind, a start-up that has created a meditation app based on the teachings of Shinzen Young. I do a lot of things for them, including write blog posts. If you have an iPhone, give the app a try!

I last updated this page on February 18th, 2017.