What's the biggest challenge you're facing? Are there any small, persistent annoyances you're plagued by - papercuts ruining your efficiency or undermining your happiness? Are there any habit areas or skills you're interested in developing?

I might be able to help you with that. I have a wide variety of experiences and skills, and enjoy helping people to find solutions to the challenges they're facing. For me, helping you is a joy and an opportunity. I charge for my services, but I am open to finding a price that works for you, as well as to bartering. Here are some of the areas that I offer services in:

Reading and Writing

  • - Speed up the research process so that you learn, absorb, and apply information that's valuable to you right now.
  • - Edit your writing with substantive feedback that improves the quality, interest, and impact of your writing.
  • - Learn a technique for improving many aspects of your writing - everything from your spelling and grammar to rhetoric.
  • - Overcome writer's block, over-chronological emphasis, and other related problems to create high-impact written content.

Speaking and Listening

  • - Have an engaging, informative, and actionable presentation on a subject of your choosing.
  • - Converse and receive in-depth feedback on your ideas from someone with different tools and skills than you have.


  • - Start a meditation habit that is fun, effective, and actually sticks around.
  • - Amplify your existing meditation practice's joyfulness and effectiveness with new techniques and strategies tailored to you.


  • - Gain a life-time of productive text editing skills you can't imagine, expect, or anticipate.
  • - Be exposed to programming in a fun, effective, and novel way you won't find in a book.
  • - Learn strategies and skills for remembering what you learn, maximizing your success in areas that matter to you.