Humans are opinionated beings, and I am no exception. I feel strongly about, although am not permanently attached to, my opinions, and so I list them here both for the sake of articulating this aspect of myself and for advocating for beliefs that I feel are Good with a capital G.

  • - Mysticism: Mysticism is the belief that it is possible for humans to directly experience God / the basis of this universe / the One / It. I practice meditation as a means to encountering the mystical aspect of human experience. I am inspired by many mystical traditions, especially Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity. I sometimes find theistic language and metaphors inspiring and useful. I also believe that meditation is useful and beneficial even outside of a religious or spiritual context.
  • - Morality and Ethics: I try to be an ethical and moral person. I agree that morality is circumstantial, contextual, and cultural, but also tend to see a place for a more absolute perspective, even within those considerations.
  • - Pragmatic Veganism: I sympathize with vegetarianism/vegan views on using our purchasing power to avoid causing animal suffering. I avoid purchasing non-vegan items, but will consume non-vegan food items if they would otherwise go to waste.
  • - Polyamory: I am currently in a polyamorous relationship. Polyamory gives me and my partners the option and freedom to seek joy with multiple partners. It also has helped me, at least, to grow personally and ethically.