This is my portfolio, mostly of my writing, but also projects, software, and other materials. I've tried to make this near-exhaustive of my best work, if only for my own reference. Because of its inclusivity, some of my writing is only available on request.



  • - Maple Seeds: I worked with Soryu Forall to create a book describing his teachings and the Forall Method for meditation practice.
  • - An Autodidact: I self-published a book in 2010 as a result of my crowdfunding campaign, Autodidactism 2010. The book contains essays and creative pieces on various subjects, from an inquiry into the causes of happiness and genius to an account of my attempt at polyphasic sleep. Available as a self-published book and a free e-book.
  • - Mindhacker: Mindhacker (Wiley 2011) is the unofficial sequel of Mind Performance Hacks. I wrote the chapters on spaced repetition and increasing fluid intelligence by using the dual n-back exercise.

Essays (on meditation)

  • - The Fogleman Method: An explanation of my meditation practice as of Summer 2016: the utility of algorithms, simplicity, and consistency in the search for concentration.
  • - C G Mayya on Devotion: A series of questions about devotion answered by C G Mayya, a spiritual teacher and guide that I've worked with.
  • - A Joke: A very bad joke about meditation, intended to inform the reader of different techniques in meditation practice and their relationships. Inspired by the teachings of Soryu Forall.

Essays (creative and otherwise)

  • - Books, Friends, and Incremental Reading: Addresses how spaced repetition and incremental reading relate to a more traditional view of function of reading.
  • - A Travel Song for B: Cultural commentary and exhortation given under the guise of a letter to a friend.
  • - Our Lord Chauncey Gardener [NSFW]: I read a little of Miguel de Unamuno's Our Lord Don Quixote in college and hastily interpreted it as Christian-esque literature concerned with Don Quixote rather than Christ. This essay pays homage to that idea by assuming that Being There's Chauncey Gardener is our savior. It is playfully subtitled An Theo-Ontological Investigation into Our Hollywood Savior OR, The Gospel According To Basketball Jones. Contains explicit sexual imagery, dark humor, and sacrilegious religious ideas. Available on request.
  • - Breaking the Bell Curve: A letter to my hometown newspaper, reviewing my time working at the Fluency Factory and arguing for substantial reforms to the structure of the school system.
  • - To Go Quixotic: A poem expressing my spiritual yearnings for meditation and a simple life in Modern America.
  • - Andrew on Jenny [NSFW]: Part biography, part dark self-parody, part creative non-fiction, part visual poetry, part spiritual hogwash, this essay plays on the Greek word andros, meaning man, and gune, meaning woman - I and all men are Andrew, all women are Jenny. Contains explicit sexual imagery and dark humor. Available on request.
  • - A Wanted Ad (Alternately Revelatory and Juvenile) [NSFW]: A spiritual successor to Andrew on Jenny, this piece of self-parody mockingly investigates our deep desire for friendship, intimacy, and human connection. Contains explicit sexual imagery and dark humor. Available on request.
  • - My Hands Were Two of Many: A creative tale of my summer working on farms in the Amherst area in Massachusetts, with the Many Hands Farm Corps.

Essays (academic)

  • - Finitude and Enunciation: A subject-first account of time and purpose and life, written at the eve of my graduation from St. John's College.
  • - Not A Stream, But Waves: Argues that Virginia Woolf's the Waves is not merely an excellent piece of fiction but that it constitutes a modern, informed, and earnest investigation of philosophical questions.
  • - Knowing Phaedrus, Remembering Ourselves: A philosophical look at the role of self-knowledge in Plato's Phaedrus. My senior essay at St. John's College.
  • - Knowers and Knowns: Investigates epistemological questions through the dramatic specificity of Plato's Theaetetus. Includes an appendix, "On the Mathematics in Theaetetus 147C-148B," which intends to act as an informative but impartial supplement that reviews the mathematics and mathematical history concerning the problem that is investigated in the dialogue, so that it may be considered philosophically.
  • - Mysticism and Poetry in Baudelaire’s Elevation: Translates Charles Baudelaire's Elevation into English and then proceeds to interpret the presence of mystical imagery in the poem, arguing that Baudelaire is not a mystic.
  • - Postulates in Geometry and Philosophy: A review of non-Euclidean geometry and speculations about its import for the activity of philosophy and axiomatic reasoning generally. First written for my Senior Mathematics tutorial at St. John's College, this piece was later published in the Agora
  • - The Magic of His Myth: Uses a particular episode in Cervantes' Don Quixote to ask "Who is Don Quixote?" My junior essay at St. John's College.
  • - Rebekah Ran: Interprets the story of Rebekah in Genesis with a view to the story's perspective on the institution of marriage.
  • - After Babel: An exercise in textual explication, I interpreted the story of Babel and its meaning concerning human language and connection. My sophomore essay at St. John's College.
  • - The Shield and the Oar: Interprets the roles of Achilles and Odysseus in Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey through the eyes of two items associated with them, Achilles' shield and Odysseus' oar. My freshman essay at St. John's College.


  • - Mind Body Attention: Mind Body Attention explores the relationship between intellectual, physical, and contemplative activities.
  • - This Is A Meditator: This is A Meditator profiles real meditators, their practice, and their lives. It aims to inform and inspire people who are interested in meditating.
  • - mwfogleman.tumblr.com: My old home on the web, containing quotes and essays.
  • - Attentional Skills: Attentional Skills is a series of talks and guided meditations that aim to help meditators to deepen their mindfulness practices in specific and targeted ways.


  • - Emacs Configuration: My Emacs configuration is posted on the web.
  • - keepintouch.clj: A Clojure implementation of a friend's software program that encourages communication.
  • - tid-mode: tid-mode is an Emacs major mode for editing TiddlyWiki5 .tid files.
  • - rejoyce: A now-defunct technology blog that I created to try to use a new, Clojure-based static site generator, Cryogen. Includes essays about Lisp, Emacs, and Clojure.


  • - Don't Worry, the Present is All Right: I lead a guided meditation and discussion of how observation and Mindful Review techniques can help overcome what Peace Pilgrim calls "the worry habit" and the habit of anger.
  • - Best Parts, Worst Parts: I lead a guided meditation and discussion of the technique "Mindful Review," inspired by teachers Soryu Forall and Upasaka Culadasa. I show how this technique can influence our success and happiness with both our mindfulness practice and our daily lives.
  • - (apply old-learning-techniques ’(clojure clojure-ecosystem)): Slides from a talk I gave to the Boston Clojure Group in November 2014 about my experience learning Clojure using copying from memory, spaced repetition, and other intentional learning strategies.