Westrum Typology give you a method for assessing organizational culture.

Westrum Typology posits that the habits an organization has around information sharing are predictive of many elements of an organization's culture. It is named for its creator, Ron Westrum, who shared the typology in a 2004 paper, A typology of organisational cultures (notes).

What characteristics does your organization have?

Select cells to highlight them as you think, discuss, and challenge assumptions.

Pathological (power-oriented) Bureaucratic (rule-oriented) Generative (performance-oriented)
Low cooperation Modest cooperation High cooperation
Messengers shot Messengers neglected Messengers trained
Responsibilities shirked Narrow responsibilities Risks are shared
Bridging discouraged Bridging tolerated Bridging encouraged
Failure leads to scapegoating Failure leads to justice Failure leads to enquiry
Novelty crushed Novelty leads to problems Novelty implemented
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